HD23 with Vanguard Motor is LIMITED!

The HD23 with HONDA GX690 is AVAILABLE.
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Industrial Duty Power Wash Trailer

The HD23 power wash package is engineered for the professional contractor or facility manager that needs to get production power wash cleaning finished fast! Features our Industrial Duty hot/cold/steam 23 HP power washer mounted on our super duty, custom built tandem axle diamond plate trailer. It gives plenty of power combined with the legendary reliability of Power Line Industrial Series pressure washer. LOOKS EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL AND LETS YOUR CLIENTS KNOW THAT YOU MEAN BUSINESS!

This complete Trailer Wash Unit features Power Line’s Top Selling 23 H.P. Vanguard (Made By Toyota) Power Skid Unit. All components professionally mounted on a 12′ tandem axle custom built trailer that is turn-key ready for professional power washing.


Bobby Dotson of Dotson Power Washing

Your Choice of Color

Base Package Super Sale Price $26,995.00*

Regular Price $31,995.00Save $5,000.00
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*Purchaser is responsible for all Local/State Sales Taxes

Model No. TAIG23-835000

  • 23HP Vanguard Engine or Honda GX690

  • 8GPM @ 3,000 PSI (+/- 5% depending upon Elevation, Engine RPM, Nozzle Performance/Condition and Pump condition)*

  • Professional Cleaning System

  • Hot/Cold or “Wet” Steam Operation*

  • Dual Gun Operation – Optional

* NOTE: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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• Powder Coated Trailer• Spare Tire Included • Tall Toolbox Available at No Extra Charge!
• 2 Integrated Gun Holders• Military Grade HD Power Wash Frame• Exclusive Condensate Catch Tank

Styles & colors may vary. ALL Power Line Industries trailers come STANDARD with the black water tank cages. Custom color options are available for an upgrade fee. Please contact us for details.

* Temperature Notes

Our power washers are engineered  with COLD/HOT/STEAM technology. The heat rise over ambient is 125°. So, for example, if your incoming water is 60°, the unit will run at 185° with the heater ON. There are two ways to increase the heat rise:

  1. Pre-heat the water tank – a simple process. Place the wand into the water tank and add heated water with the spray nozzle attached.
  2. Slow the water flow down by turning down the unloader valve. This will decrease the amount of water flowing through the heating coil which in effect will give higher heat rise. The more the water is slowed, the higher the heat rise. This will also lower the PSI and GPM.

Please note… “Steam” in this industry we call “Wet Steam” as water from 212° (boiling) to 248° (for example). Much above this temperature gets into the “Dry Steam” category and increases the possibility of scalding. Higher level of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required. These higher temperatures will add stress on the couplers on the hoses and can make them weaken causing them to come loose (EXTREMELY DANGEROUS) and will prematurely wear out the pressure hose.

* Output Notes

This unit is engineered to run two guns simultaneously. When operating two guns, the volume of pressurized water is divided between the two discharge points – two guns or one gun & surface cleaner. When two guns or the surface cleaner are operated simultaneously, the nozzles on the guns or surface cleaners need to be changed to smaller orifice sizes – this will maintain the PSI – however, the GPM or the output of the machine is now dispersed through another discharge point. We like to compare this to taking a shower and someone flushes the toilet, so obviously there will be a pressure reduction when running more than one gun or with the surface cleaner running at the same time.

$26,995 Base Package

Plus Freight

  • Front Mount Lockable Tool Box
  • 1- 100 foot of Heavy Duty 6,000 PSI Premium Quality Mark Resistant Steel Braided Operating Hose..(18,000 PSI burst)
  • 1-100 foot of Heavy Duty fill hose
  • 1-18 inch Tool Box
  • 4- Stainless Steel / quick couple nozzles (1-0 degree. 1-15degree..1-25 degree ..1-45 degree)
  • 1- Dual Lance / Trigger control gun
  • 1- 48” Single Lance Trigger control Gun
  • 1-Foam Cannon High Tech Sprayer
  • 1-12 GL. Soap Container.. built into trailer
  • 1-12Gl. Antifreeze tank ..with our quick Exclusive Antifreeze System
  • 1-Extra Fuel Filter
  • 1- 16 ounce can of Clean Coil Soot remover
  • Deluxe / Exclusive Control Panel ( Includes.. Thermostat Heat Control. Fuel and Burner On/Off indicator lights
  • Safety Package.. Safety Glasses, gloves.. and Operator Sign Off sheets
  • 1- O ring Pick set..
  • Detergent Package

$34,995 SUPER SALE Upgrade Package

TOTAL PACKAGE VALUE $47,995.00 – SAVE $13,000!!!


(Lower 48 States Only)

All that is included with the Base Package PLUS:

  • Dual Gun Operation
  • The Monster Accessory Package – $6495 Value! – GET MORE INFO
    1. 2-100 ft. of HD 6,000 PSI operating hose.. (18,000 PSI Burst)
    2. 16- Stainless Steel/quick couple nozzles (4-0 degree,4-15 degree,4-25 degree, 4-45 degree)
    3. 1-HD Turbo Nozzle
    4. 1- 4-gl…Roll-Around /X-Jet soap Application System
    5. 1- Foam Cannon
    6. 1- Ladder Rack (Removable..)
    7. 1- Premium Surface Cleaner
    8. 1- 12 Foot Extension Pole
    9. 1- Gutter Clean Out Tool
  • Power Wash Training Bootcamp – $3495 Value! – More Info

HD23 Base Package Overview

Unit Shown with Stainless Steel Engine Frame Upgrade

HD23 Monster Upgrade Package Overview

Shown with Monster Package Upgrades


If you’re looking to add on a power wash division to your business or are going into the power wash business, this add-on upgrade package is for you! It includes toolboxes, custom designed signage, ladder rack and safety lighting.

Custom Side Tool Boxes (installed) Premium HD & Lockable

$995.00 ea.
$1,990.00 pair

2 – Custom Signs (DiBond)

Includes 1 Hour Design Time & Installation Extra time billed at $75/hour

Work Lighting (Rear) 12 – LED Light with Switch Control Mounted to 12 Powder Coated Stand


Strobe light with switch box (can be key switch on or separate switch on)



Motor: 23 Vanguard Engine – Made by Toyota or Honda GX690
Output: 8 GPM @  3,000PSI (+/- 5% depending upon Elevation Engine RPM Nozzle Performance/Condition and Pump condition); fully adjustable pressure with dual gun output 4GPM @ 3,500PSI each gun.
Pump: Premium General TSF 2021 / Full Industrial Belt-Driven
Frame: Powder coated; uni-body built reinforced structural supports for added “over the road” shock support for coil support.
Motor and Pump Power Plate: Pre-assembled “Power-Plate” engineered to accept a variety of motor options. This enables the operator to change/service any component (motor; belt; generator; pump support brackets) in minutes – not hours.
Burner: Super high efficiency Beckett Burner – Extra Large for High Heat Rise – 115 Volt Operation / Honda Burner 12v Power
Generator: Premium 115 volt – 2000 watt / Honda – No Generator
Fuel Tanks: 12 gallons diesel; 8 gallons gas
Horizontal Coil System: Features a new helical style horizontal engineering design that is super fuel efficient with super fast heat rise. Cold rolled continuous schedule 80 coil. The horizontal coil is much easier to support for “over the road” transportation vs. vertical coils.
Stainless Steel Coil Cover: Will not rust; looks great for years
Thermostat: Saves fuel when high temp is not necessary
Hour Meter: For service intervals Pressure Gauge and Fuel Pressure Gauge
Easy Pressure Control: Front mounted to control flow and heat rise

POWER WASH TRAILER DESCRIPTION: (your choice of our standard colors – custom color also available)

  • HD Powder Coat Paint – Ask about our Ladder Rack!
  • 5′ x 12′ Diamond Plate Steel Deck
  • Integrated steel tank rack to hold water
  • Tandem Axle – Each axle 3500 lb rated.
  • Dual Axle Electric Brake – DOT compliant in all states and Canada
  • Integrated Sign Holder – for Sides and Rear Signage
  • Integrated Gun Holders (2)
  • Chrome Wheels – Heavy Duty Diamond Plate Fenders – Fully Adjustable Height Hitch D-Ring or 2 5/16 ball


1 – 330 Gallon Water Tank 1 – Turbo Nozzle
1 – 100′ R-1 4000 PSI hose with couplers 1 – Soap Injection System
2 – HD Hose Reels (5000 PSI rated) 1 – Dual Lance Soap Control Gun and Wand Assembly
1 – 100′ HD garden fill hose 1 – Complete 36″ Gun and Wand Assembly
1 – 12′ Telescoping Wand 1 – Water Broom Attachment
1 – Gutter Clean Out Tool
1 – 12 Gallon Anti-Freeze Tank 8 – Nozzles Total (2-0° ; 2-15° ; 2-25° ; 2-45°)
1 – Set of Extra “O” Rings (10-1/4″ ; 10-3/8″);1 – “O” Ring Pick Tool
1 – 5 Gallon Drum Pak of “Power Plus” (makes 55 gallons) 1 – 5 Gallon Drum Pak of “Astro” (makes 55 gallons)
1 – 5 Gallon Drum Pak of “Concrete Floor Cleaner” (makes 55 gallons)
1 – Premium Surface Cleaner


  • Extra large burner system
  • Upgraded engine – 23HP Vanguard by Toyota
  • Premium TSF 2021
  • Full dual gun operation
  • Premium stainless steel hose reels
  • Premium spun aluminum “Ground Pounder” surface cleaner with side wash gun (Surface cleaner styles are subject to availability)
  • 16 S.S. Nozzles Total – 8 for single gun operation; 8 for dual gun operation


  • Pump Saver System
  • TBD (Total Belt Drive)
  • Low Pressure Chemical Application System – Engineered to apply soap under low pressure
  • Dual Filter System
  • Winterization Package – Includes Antifreeze Holding Tank

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The best selling HD23 Hot Water Power Wash Trailer package by Power Line Industries is custom from the ground up. This industrial duty mobile pressure wash system is not a rinky dink power washer like you’d get from those big box guys or internet only businesses. This 23 HP Power Wash Trailer is American Made by one of the very last United States based brick & mortar manufacturers left in the industry. Our Trailer Power Washers feature your choice of engines manufactured by Vanguard (made by Toyota) or Honda on a super heavy duty tandem axle trailer built to actually haul the big loads. This Pressure Wash Trailer Package also features Premium Pumps with 8 GPM @ 3000 PSI (+/- 5%) of output.