Essential Power Washing Elements

Let Our 30+ Years of Experience Help You Decide Which Pressure Washer Will Best Fit YOUR Needs!

Trailer Mounted Pressure Wash Mobile Power Washers bring flexibility to any Pressure Wash Job.

Pressure Washers are great tools for cleaning a wide variety of equipment, vehicles and surfaces. They clean faster, better and easier than any other method. Not only are they many times more powerful than a garden hose, they use up to 80% less water. Pressure Washers work so well because they combine the essential elements of Pressure Washer Cleaning:

Essential Elements of Pressure Washer Cleaning

  • Water volume, measured in gallons per minute (GPM).
  • Agitation or pressure, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI).
  • Gasoline power source or Electric power source?
  • Heat or steam, which is highly effective in cutting grease and oily surfaces.

Some questions to help you determine the best Pressure Washer for you:

Gasoline Power Source or Electric Power Source?
Gasoline powered pressure washers are self contained and portable, they can be used in the field. Gas units are noisier and produce carbon monoxide and should, as a rule only be used outside. Electric powered pressure washers are typically used indoors, there are no fumes and are quieter. Diesel powered pressure washers are preferred in some situations. When durability is very important.

Cold or Hot water?
Cold water units are less expensive, but not as effective for cleaning grease, grime or extremely dirty situations.

Portable or Stationary?
Portable pressure washers are mounted on wheels so it can be moved to the cleaning area. The Gas powered pressure washer is suggested for this application, where no cords are needed. Stationary pressure washers would be used most often in fixed cleaning areas, such as shops and wash bays where portability is not needed. In most cases the electrical powered pressure washer is recommended.

How often will you use the machine?
Buying the right machine designed to withstand everyday use will increase your effectiveness. Buying an undersized unit and running it to death will void warranty and cost you expensive downtime. Buy the right machine to fit your application.

Is time and labor a factor?
Pressure washers clean 4 to 5 times faster than traditional methods. A heavy duty washer cuts some cleaning times in half. Shorter cleaning time means less labor, which means more productivity.

What type of detergent will you use?
The right detergent is critical for effective cleaning. For over 30 years we have manufactured detergents to fit your use. We pride ourselves in having the best cleaning products available. Guaranteed 100% satisfaction or your money back! For a complete list of our products please contact us. We are more than happy to help find the right products for you.

Saving water?
Surprisingly a pressure washer uses much less water than other cleaning methods. The typical garden hose puts out between 6 to 10 gallons per minute. The pressure washer uses between 2 and 5 gallons per minute – a 50-70% savings in water usage.