All Electric HOT WATER Pressure Washer Module


  • Belt drive, oil bath pumps, ceramic plungers
  • Easy access controls
  • Precise chemical metering
  • Stainless steel immersion heaters
  • Stainless steel float tanks
  • Standard temperature control
  • Easy grip trigger gun
  • All models except 108 available UL approved
  • 4308XP – Explosion proof is available


  • Easy access for easy servicing
  • Completely powered by electricity
  • No open flames
  • Minimal noise
  • No smoke or fumes
  • Small space requirements
  • Wheel kits available

Enjoy All the Benefits of a Workhorse Power Washer Without the Hazards of Gas or Oil Fired Units

  • Maximum cleaning power in a compact All Electric Package
  • No smoke or hazard emissions with a safe flame-less unit
  • Perfect for manufacturing firms, food processing facilities, chemical plants or mining operations
  • Features independent (replacable) heating tube which provides a continuous heat rise vs. other brands

All Electric Series: Stationary • Electric heater module • Stainless steel immersion heaters • Temperature control • Belt driven tri-plex pump • Non-corrosive float tank •High pressure detergent application • Trigger gun • All electric heat and power

All Electric UL Series: All the features of an All Electric unit and ETL Certified to UL 1776 and CSA C22.2. Model 4308XP certified to UL 1203 Hazardous Locations.

* Gallonage and pressure may vary +/- 5% due to manufacturing tolerances in components. Specifications subject to change without notice.
PL 1081.7 GPM / 400 PSI240-460V 3PH350PL 108-30513NOT AVAILABLE
PL 21482.0 GPM / 1400 PSI240-460V 3PH375PL 2148B-30533PL 2148B-000010
PL31583.0 GPM / 1500 PSI240-460V 3PH375PL 3158B-30533PL 3158B-000010
PL 41084.0 GPM / 1000 PSI240-460V 3PH375PL 4108B-30533PL 4108B-000010
PL 42083.5 GPM / 2000 PSI240-460V 3PH485PL 4208B-000000PL 4208B-000010
PL 42583.5 GPM / 2500 PSI240-460V 3PH530PL 4258B-000000PL 4258B-000010
PL 43083.5 GPM / 3000 PSI240-460V 3PH530PL 4308B-000000PL 4308B-000010
PL 4308XP3.5 GPM / 3000 PSI46V 3PH 7.51105NOT AVAILABLEPL 4308XPA-000010
PL 43583.8 GPM / 3500 PSI240-460V 3PH530PL 4358B-000000PL 4358B-000010
PL 53084.7 GPM / 3000 PSI460-460V 3PH 7.5530PL 5308B-000000PL 5308-000010
PL 82088.0 GPM / 2000 PSI460-460V 3PH 7.5700PL 8208-40533PL 8208B-000010
PL 83088.0 GPM / 3000 PSI460-460V 3PH 7.5725PL 8308-000000PL 8308B-000010


MODELPL 108PL 2148PL 3158PL 4108PL 4208PL 4258PL 4308PL 4358PL 5308PL 8308PL 8308
230 VOLT12070130130130140140150
460 VOLT6035656565707075100100100