Environmental Power Wash Trailer Packages

Environmental Power Wash Trailer Systems by Power Line Industries, Inc. offer the serious power wash business professionals eco-friendly cleaning solutions. From our entry level Pro Pack 1 which offers the ability to re-capture your gray water to our super-duty environmental power horse Pro Pack 3 that not only re-captures the gray water, but filters, treats, recycles and vacuums – we are your source for trailer mounted cleaning equipment that holds the very highest of environmental standards.

Enviro Pro Package 1 (EP1)

Our budget friendly environmental pressure wash system, Enviro ProPack 1 (EP1) is a heavy duty power washer that will clean and re-capture your dirty water with a high capacity drum leaving your work area clean and free of debris. The EP1 features new upgrades for this year including the Vanguard 23HP Engine with 7GPM @ 4,000 PSI (+/- 5%) output and fully adjustable pressure. Additional upgrades for the EP1 feature a full dual gun operation, premium hose reels and premium spun aluminum “Ground Pounder” surface cleaner with side wash gun on a 4’x12’ tandem axle diamond plate steel deck with HD enamel paint.

The Environmental Power Washer Trailer Pro Package I includes a vacuum system that features:

  • 4500 Watt Generator
  • Vacuberm
  • 50 Feet Vacuum Hose
  • Foot Scupper Pick Up Unit
  • Aluminum Vacuum Wand
  • Heavy Duty Rubberized Drain Cover Pad
  • 30 Gallon Drum mounted on a Heavy Duty Roll Cart
    • HD 115v auto pump-out system
    • Internal filter for initial soils separation

Enviro Pro Package 2 (EP2)

Our mid-range environmental pressure wash system, the Enviro ProPack 2 (EP2) will not only clean and re-capture the dirty water but will catch dirt and debris using our dual-filter system depositing the filtered water into a 2nd 200 gallon “gray water” tank for later disposal according to your local government environmental standards. The EP2 also features everything presented in EP1 including the 23HP Vanguard engine by Toyota with 7GPM @ 4,000 PSI (+/- 5%) output, dual gun operation and premium hose reels on a heavy duty 5’x16’ diamond plate steel deck tandem axle trailer that has been powder coated for years of rugged service life. The EP2 features an electric engine capable of 110 CFM’s and stands out with its LED lighting and premium “Emperor Series” pump.

Pro-Package II includes the features of Pro Package I with a state of the art water treatment system. This creates the ultimate Professional Cleaning Package money can buy! Clean, recapture, and recycle your water – this gives you the ultimate tool to “lock down” the largest accounts, which are demanding environmental compliance.

Enviro Pro Package 3 (EP3)

Our powerful super-duty environmental pressure wash system, the Enviro ProPack 3 (EP3) includes all of the features of the EP2 including the 23HP Vanguard engine with 7GPM @ 4,000 PSI (+/- 5%) on a heavy duty 5’x16’ diamond plate steel deck tandem axle trailer that has been powder coated for years of rugged service life. The EP3 features an upgraded vacuum system featuring an 18HP gas engine that is capable of 465 CFMs, 200’ of vacuuming hose and includes our highly popular 2 day Power Wash Training Bootcamp for FREE!*

Pro-Package III features our Pro Package II professional power plant mounted on a larger deck to hold (2) 200 gallon tanks, 1 for fresh water and 1 for recaptured water. This gives you the ability to clean and catch your water, then dispose of the “grey” water for proper disposal. This will keep you EPA compliant. You also have the option to combine tanks and utilize 400 gallons of fresh water… if reclaim is not necessary.

Comes complete with all the tools to clean and recapture.

  • Professionally Clean

  • Recapture

  • Recycle

*Travel expenses not included.